People who don’t eat get hungry

I must admit that the above headline may seem a little glib. However, I was so shocked and amazed by the revelations of the BBC’s Health News site, “Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat” that to coin a phrase, unfortunately this wasn’t exactly food for thought and, surprise surprise, it wasn’t exactly an unexpected revelation.

The article in question further goes on to explain that someone offered lunch after they have not had breakfast was hungrier than someone who had had breakfast. I almost had to re-read it just to make sure that I hadn’t missed something that would make sense of stating the obvious.

It would be absolutely wonderful that this amount of dedication and research were actually used in order to help people control their diet and eating patterns of behaviour, rather than adding to the information we are fully aware of.

On reflection if we could help people to eat regular meals including breakfast, if those meals were healthy, people’s calorific intake would more closely match the amount of energy they would expend each day, the happier everyone would be. If we could of course, include a little bit of exercise, so much the better.

Might I suggest that there is a simple and easy way to do this using a regulated approach to food through the help of hypnotherapy. A well established and evidenced based way of maintaining weight control, like all problem patterns of behaviour, short term gratification would usually beat long term detrimental health complaints. I noticed that the research used for the conclusions regarding skipping breakfast were based on a small sample of 21 people, no doubt owing to funding constraints. However, I believe it is possible to induce hypnosis in those people who omitted breakfast to believe they had had breakfast or alternatively suggest that they would not desire a high calorie, catch up lunch. Now, wouldn’t that be far more interesting and innovative? Solving the craving for fatty food at a stroke.

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