Are you able to get a strong emotional response?

Isn’t it amazing how we can easily respond to a film or even a piece of music in an emotional way? Not really, because what happens is that we relate it in some way to ourselves. Take the video below, for example. Most people will shed a tear or two, if not blub uncontrollably. It’s about a new bride having the “fathers dance” when her father has just passed away.

Now wipe your eyes and smile because you just got in touch with an emotion; which is a good thing, right!
However, some people find that they are unable to get away from certain emotions like fear, embarrassment, guilt and even desire.
Now in the case of fear, although it’s an important emotion to have because it keeps you safe, it can cause significant problems if you are living with it every minute of the day. For some people with anxiety they are so gripped by fear that they are unable to function in normal day to day situations, like going out, shopping and even driving in their car. For these people, turning down the level of fear for inappropriate situations would be a good strategy, which is exactly how hypnotherapy for anxiety can help.

When it comes to embarrassment it is usually connected to a worry that they will be judged negatively and generally that is a perception based on past experiences and conditioning. Hypnotherapy helps people build their self confidence and remove and review any past experiences and conditioning using their adult mind, giving their subconscious the opportunity to re-evaluate existing beliefs systems and ultimately changing those beliefs to more rational ones.

But what about desire? Surely that’s not something you would want to turn down, is it?

Well, in some circumstances it may ironically be something you might desire to turn down, particularly for things like smoking, drugs, food and alcohol.

Hypnotherapy is very good at changing behaviours, from turning down desires to removing inappropriate thought processes. Have you got things you would like to change about your life? If so, perhaps you might like to consider hypnotherapy as it has a vast evidence base which shows it is effective with weight loss, hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking, anxiety and many more.

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