How hypnotherapy builds confidence

lonely-smallIn the present day, the way we communicate is increasingly computer based, but the loss of face to face connections are having an adverse effect on our society. In our hypnotherapy practice this is all too apparent as we see large numbers of socially isolated clients. We show these clients how hypnotherapy builds confidence very quickly.

We need to think about the fact that we are not using our verbal skills when we make use of remote communication methods, and if our kids grow up utilising them, they might not learn them to begin with. Apps like Facetime and Skype are better as at least we are seeing some of the visual cues, but you can’t beat a chat over a cup tea or coffee to hone your skills.

So, if we are losing these conversational skills and we are not creating new ones, where will it end? Someone without these skills can genuinely feel cut off and will not be prepared to meet the requirements of a social occasion; things like parties, conferences and weddings become a real concern.

We simply can’t lay all the blame on technological innovation.  However, these new pressures are making the situation far worse and it is not getting any better.

Getting asked by clients for more self-confidence in social circumstances is a daily occurrence for virtually every practising hypnotherapist. Clients are generally worried that they could look silly and embarrass themselves while in front of people and be judged adversely. In the main, their solution is to steer clear of the spotlight and thereby make certain that they don’t end up being the centre of attention.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at solving this type of situation. We can assist customers to feel more self-assured and this is how hypnotherapy builds confidence, but that is not the whole story. This is because it only solves the problem temporarily and would be like placing a plaster on a broken leg. You have to do something about the reason that you have the issue in the first place.

In many cases the issue lies with past events in our lifetime, like being picked on or made fun of at school. By confronting these past events we will be able to prepare the person for a powerful change in the way they actually feel. By re-framing these past situations, we prepare the client to accept new thought processes that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Then we can move on to the next stage of the therapy.

There are limits to what a hypnotherapist is capable of

The next phase is to help the individual to build more social relationships to allow them to build their self confidence naturally, which will help them genuinely feel more confident in future social conditions. Often, the hypnotherapist can work with the client to ensure they are confident when entering these circumstances.

It may be something as simple as chatting to people in their weight watchers class, a work out group, line dancing or social club. When the client enters the social scenario, whatever it is, they need to be sociable and cheerful.

During this process, we will be helping the individual to feel self-confident and relaxed. The individual can gradually build their confidence on the solid foundations they have already laid down. This is really the only way to create permanent change in levels of self confidence.

Paul Howard, said “The way hypnotherapy builds confidence in clients is simply to remove the beliefs that have been damaging their confidence level (often since childhood). Then to help them to enter new situations in a confident way, feeling calm and relaxed, but also with the belief that they are good enough.”

Paul Howard, a professional hypnotherapist, from The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, has been helping people in and around Surrey recover their confidence for many years.

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