Why some hypnotherapy courses actually train you to fail.

hypnotherapy courseThere is a conflict of interest for all hypnotherapy schools that prospective students need to be aware of.

Every student that undertakes a hypnotherapy course is effectively competition for the hypnotherapy trainers themselves, unless of course they are no longer practising therapists and then their knowledge base and skill set have to be questioned.

So it can actually be in the hypnotherapy schools’ interest to deliver a hypnotherapy course that is not effective so that they have less competition in the therapy field. So they deliver ineffectual low level hypnotherapy course to get your money but keep the effective competition down.

However, this thinking is flawed and actually damages the hypnotherapy market and ultimately reduces the number of hypnotherapy clients for the school in question.

How does poor hypnotherapy courses damage the market?

If there are a lot of poorly trained hypnotherapists seeing clients, what happens is that when a client sees one of these hypnotherapists they do not have a successful experience and when the hypnotherapist is unable to make the changes the client is looking for, the client walks away disillusioned with hypnotherapy. A fact they are more than happy to share with all their friends.

This negative advertising has a significant effect on the hypnotherapy market, not to mention the effect it has on the hapless hypnotherapy student that didn’t know any better and took the hypnotherapy course in good faith.

Hypnotherapy training for success

At the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy we take a different approach. We believe that if we turn out well trained and effective hypnotherapists they will help more people locally to them and build the reputation and the credibility of the profession. This ultimately leads to more public acceptance and therefore more clients. To our minds this is a win win situation.

Hypnotherapy training needs to be flexible and prepare the ‘would be’ hypnotherapist to deal with whatever emerges; i.e. to deal with whatever issue the client presents with.

The problem with a lot of hypnotherapy courses is that they train you how to treat specific things in a specific way. They give you a formula to deal with weight loss for example; i.e. in session 1 you do x and in session 2 you do y etc. Now this seems very attractive for the novice. Just follow this formula and your clients lose weight. This would be great if it were true.

The fact is these types of formulaic approach simply do not work. In this case one size does not fit all. The fact is that every client you see for weight will be different and not just in small ways. Their differences can be so big as to make your treatment of them like chalk and cheese. For some you might have to deal with issues like anxiety, confidence and image, where in others you will have to deal with habitual behaviours and others it’s about their negative beliefs. You get the point.

Any hypnotherapy training that gives you rigid, formulaic treatments for any issues is training you to be ineffectual and ultimately training you to fail.

We prefer to give you a hypnotherapy education that teaches you how to analyse your clients for the real drivers behind the behaviours and then teach you some core techniques that you can use in a variety of situations to interrupt and tackle those drivers. This gives you a hypnotherapy education that you can fall back on when you come across something that you have not been trained specifically to deal with or with clients that are different from the norm (which is just about every client).

This type of hypnotherapy training actually builds your confidence, perhaps in ways you have never considered. Imagine if you will that you are sitting in front of a client for weight control and during the session it becomes abundantly clear that really their issue is about confidence and self esteem and that this is what is destroying their motivation to lose weight. The hypnotherapy training that has taught you to use a formulaic approach means that now you are in trouble. Worse still, you are not going to be able to help this client because you simply don’t know how. What would you do and what would you say to the client?

The hypnotherapy training we give our students allows them to deal with such situations in their stride. In fact, this information would mean the hard bit was done; i.e. the drivers have been found. All that remains now would be to work out a treatment plan that would help the client to remove the beliefs that are damaging their self esteem and do some work in building their confidence in their capability to lose weight effectively. This sort of treatment plan helps them not only to lose weight but also to change many other aspects in their lives that require self-esteem and confidence.

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