Hypnotherapy education brings changes in students

Hypnotherapy education

In a survey of former students, the data showed that a hypnotherapy education does more than just prepare students for their new profession.

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy surveyed a selection of its former students from the last 10 years. Some surprising results were uncovered. One was that in the student’s perception, the course delivered much more than just a hypnotherapy education.

In the survey we asked the past students ‘What else, apart from a hypnotherapy education, did they get out of the course?’

We were astonished by the number of students that said that the course made a significant increase to their confidence and self-worth levels. They felt that they were higher than ever before. The students were surprised themselves in the effects that these rises had on their home and work life.

They experienced changes in the way they treated and responded to partners, family and friends.

A hypnotherapy education can change the lives of students

The students stated that after they completed their hypnotherapy education, they discovered that they were far more skilled at understanding the point of view of their partners. This helped them achieve a greater harmony in their relationship.

One student stated “Because of the understanding gained on the course about the dynamics of human relationship, I feel that I am better at listening and understanding. I respond more appropriately in situations where in the past I might have just ignored it or even flown off the handle.”

But the benefits did not stop with partners. The students reported similar experiences with their children, family and friends. In particular they felt they had a great tolerance. What they would previously see as an annoying habit seemed less important. The students had a better understanding of how these behaviours are set up, and as a consequence they tended to apportion less blame and exhibited a greater understanding of the people close to them.

Another student commented “It’s amazing the difference a bit of understanding can make. I find I am less likely to jump to conclusions and far less likely to criticise without evidence. This is something I would have done in the past. Now I get on with my family in a way I never did before my hypnotherapy training.”

Hypnotherapy education – A practical approach

At The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy we believe that our practical hypnotherapy course equips our students much better for their life as a professional hypnotherapist.

During our hypnotherapy diploma course we enhance the students’ hypnotherapy education by giving plenty of live demonstrations with unknown clients, so we have no idea what the clients will present during the session, and have to deal with whatever emerges. The students see their lecturers actually dealing with problems and helping the clients to make changes in front of their very eyes. This answers the question that is never far from a student’s mind, that is “Does hypnotherapy work?”.

Paul Howard, Institute Director, said “When students see changes of behaviour happen in clients right in front of them, they start to understand the mechanics of change and how they too can effect change in others. But of course, as a nice bi-product, they also understand that they can affect change in themselves.”

If you’re thinking of training to be a hypnotherapist, we can help you navigate the myriad of courses, accreditations and professional associations to work out the right solution for you.

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