Offer support but stay out of the way

It would seem that it does not matter if you’re the Prime Minister, or simply trying to lose weight or even stop smoking, the best support comes from those who offer practical help without making a fuss, it was reported by the Daily Mail with regard to a recent study in the U.S. journal Psychological Science.

It reports that the more supportive your partner is, the more you are likely to rely on them, almost subconsciously passing the responsibility for your goals over to them.  This leaves you less motivated to reach your goals as your partner now has some of the responsibility.

The study shows that it is better for the partners to offer practical help behind the scenes, like offering help around the house that allows them the time to work towards their goals. In other words they need to be more subtle about the way they give you support.

When using hypnotherapy the client gets exactly this type of support, as the hypnotherapist will guide the client along a path that ultimately ends up with a resolution to the problem.  It gives practical help with techniques, encouragement and empowerment without actually doing all the work.  The client has to work on their goals inbetween sessions and reach targets and in doing so they build their self confidence. In fact reliance on hypnotherapy is actually discouraged as we want the client to be self reliant once their goals have been reached.

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