Where’s My Confidence Gone?

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Hypnotherapy for ConfidenceClients are always asking for more self-confidence they say “I need more confidence”, but what is confidence? In the main what they are really saying is that I am less confident than I used to be, confidence starts to grow as children as long as we are nurtured, loved and live in safe surroundings. But for a large number of people this is not true. For a large number of the population they are fed on a diet of denigration, belittling, scorn and negative comments not to mention shouting, screaming and constant arguments. If a child is constantly denigrated they tend to believe it eventually and this perpetuates a lack of self belief. This is what we know as lack of self-confidence; i.e. no confidence. This is where hypnotherapy for confidence can really make a difference.

Now when a client comes to us with this belief they tend to perceive themselves in a very unenthusiastic way. They tend to believe that they will be unsuccessful at everything they try. It could be making friends, trying something new, business, sport or just life in general. These despicable and pessimistic beliefs that they believe about themselves are then projected outwards and they deem that others are thinking the same things about them that they do. They believe that others are judging them as harshly as they do themselves. If you have this sort of belief it makes things like presentations, speech-making, meetings, parties or any situation where they are in front of any kind of audience, be it one or two friends or a presentation in front of hundreds, extremely difficult. This can lead to excessive levels of anxiety, blushing, worry, insomnia and even depression. This is how low self-confidence is created and where hypnotherapy can help.

When you have low self-confidence it’s easy to generate unconstructive inner self-talk. For instance, ‘I always get it wrong’, ‘He/she always does it better than me’, ‘Everybody else seems so much more superior to me’, ‘He/she’ll never even notice me so why try?’. These statements are taken in by the subconscious and the beliefs are then created. These beliefs then become something to live up to and can often lead to feelings of anxiety and stress and can also create insomnia which just makes everything worse. The first step is to become conscious of these beliefs and then we use hypnotherapy to produce new and more normal patterns of thought and behaviour. Eventually these new patterns of behaviour will become automatic so you won’t even have to think about them.

Having confidence improves every aspect of life. Confident people are inspiring, fun to be with, they’re less demanding emotionally and ooze independence and a passion for life which often rubs off on everyone around them.

Lack of self-confidence instils a fear of failure and worry over change or unfamiliar situations. This fear can severely restrict lives, offering less variety, happiness and activities. Many people could benefit significantly from increasing their self-confidence, yet very few people know how effectively and simply they can improve their confidence levels.

Acquiring and developing confidence underlies all our lives. It’s the secret to happiness, satisfaction and success.

Think for a second of the people you know who are successful and have a great life… are they any more intelligent or talented than others that are not doing so well? The answer in the main is no! This is simply because it’s not intellect or gifts that breed’s success. It is visualization, ambition, motivation, determination and the readiness to take risks. All these attributes are simply by-products of confidence. However, confidence can be a fragile thing and can be crushed by a few careless words from a significant person in your life; for example, your partner, teachers, parents, siblings or peers.

Where did my confidence go?

You are born full of confidence, it oozes out of every cell. There is absolutely nothing you can’t do (or so you believe) and you try everything, even physically impossible things. However, as you grow you are subject to conditioning from parents, events and the individuals around you. If these events are distressing or the significant people around you are unenthusiastic, critical or unloving then that delicate confidence that you were born with can be pushed down and repressed. So you don’t actually lose your confidence, you just mislay it. Your confidence is replaced by a belief that you cannot do things or that it would be dangerous/embarrassing if you try.

How can I regain my confidence?

Hypnotherapy for confidence is very potent tool in releasing your confidence from the inside. We can revisit situations in your past that have knocked your self-confidence and allow your subconscious to re-evaluate the event using the power of your adult mind which is far superior than that of the child. Because you are now an adult, you are likely to come to far more sensible conclusions about the experience than you did as a child (things are much less frightening when we see them clearly using our adult mind). This allows the subconscious to reassess the belief and therefore modify the behaviour. This can be done in many different situations which is why hypnotherapy is so successful at restoring confidence.
We can then tackle all the current situations where you exhibit low self-confidence and create new patterns of behaviour in all those situations. Hypnotherapy for confidence is a powerful tool in creating a happy and confident future.

Paul Howard is a clinical hypnotherapist and trainer with over 10,000 client hours under his belt. With over 10 years experience he says he is still learning everyday with every client. He specialises in anxiety and psoriasis. He works as a full-time hypnotherapist and trainer with the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy. They run weekend and intensive hypnotherapy training courses based in Wallington, Surrey. Their courses are accredited by the National Council for Hypnotherapy, N.C.F.E and the open university.

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