Hidden anxiety

Millions of people are affected by anxiety every year. Many live and cope with their anxiety on their own, suffering quietly. Anxiety is something we all experience at some time in our lives, but for most, it is just a short term experience. Anxiety affects us both physically and psychologically and in its normal form …

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The Way to Beat Social Anxiety Issues

One of the most common types of anxiety disorders is social anxiety. The best way to beat social anxiety is to remove any vile, negative thought you may hold about yourself and your capabilities and capacities. It can create problems in circumstances that many of us take for granted, like being at the checkout in …

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Blushing, how hypnotherapy can help

Blushing woman

Blushing denotes shame, self-awareness and self-doubt socially. This tends to impact individuals so powerfully that it inhibits them from having a regular life. It may cause you to steer clear of social contact and hold you back at work if you’re required to talk in front of some people and even speak to other individuals. …

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Blushing, there is a way out

When people dismiss blushing as an insignificant it makes the blusher feel “silly” and “stupid”. I have never worked with a blusher who thought it was insignificant. However what I do hear is “I now it’s stupid but….” or “I feel silly saying this but….”

Criticism can really effect our lives in so many ways

We often blame ourselves but are we really to blame? This sort of conditioning is generally way out of our control. As a child it can come from parents, bullies, teachers or even siblings. Worst of all, if it continues for a substantial period of time, we become used to it.

Where’s My Confidence Gone?

Clients are always asking for more self-confidence they say “I need more confidence”, but what is confidence? In the main what they are really saying is that I am less confident than I used to be, confidence starts to grow as children as long as we are nurtured, loved and live in safe surroundings. But for a large number of people this is not true.

Blushing : ‘I was so embarrassed I thought I’d die’

Don’t you think it’s strange what some people say when they get embarrassed and blush. Things like “I thought I would die” or “I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me”. These type of expressions, when you analyse them, seem a bit extreme. However, when you work with clients that come to see you for blushing you start to get an understanding for why these type of expressions are common place.