Achieve Great Health and Fitness with this Amazing Weight Loss Method

“Join Celebrities like Boy George and Beyonce in achieving your health and fitness goal today!”

Lead singer and songwriter of Culture Club, Boy George, has recently been in the spotlight due to his dramatic weight-loss. Boy George, 51, shocked the world with pictures he posted on twitter of his new slimmer self, looking fitter and healthier than ever!

When asked how he achieved such incredible results, Boy George replied that along with the help of a nutritionist, it was simply a case of portion control, not eating between meals, controlling tea and coffee intake, and cutting out things like bread and sugar. A method we all know right? So why does it often seem so difficult to apply it or keep off all that weight?

The main problem for most people is there behaviour towards food. Changing behaviour that may have been ingrained for decades is not surprisingly very difficult. This is because the behaviour has become sub-conscious. Once a behaviour is ingrained at a sub-conscious level it become very difficult to change just because you want to. This is where hypnotherapy for weight loss can be very effective. It is able to make suggestions to your sub-conscious about making changes in your pattern of behaviour. In this way you are able to affect change in you behaviours towards food.

The method used by Boy George is obviously a tried and tested method, used by many people worldwide. But it’s important to work together with the brain to aid the process of achieving greater health and fitness. In many cases, it is very simple to lose the weight but without the helping the subconscious mind to overcome these urges, it is likely that the weight will come piling back on and each time make it more difficult to lose the weight and also put unnecessary stress on other parts of the body.

There are many advantages to losing weight, as well as improved overall health and fitness, blood pressure or ‘hypertension’ is greatly reduced, thus alleviating enormous pressure on the heart and body. To avoid the risk of weight coming back on, training the mind to embrace the new diet regime and assist in its success is paramount.

“Work with your mind to motivate, inspire and achieve the perfect physique and fitness and keep it that way!”

The way Boy George has achieved his dramatic weight-loss is certainly not a new concept, there are in fact thousands of people who attempt this method every day. But the reason many diets fail, either due to the enormous effort and difficulty to stick to it or perhaps the weight comes piling back on, is simply due to our brain thinking that we are starving our bodies. So it acts to store foods and fats, and create enormous cravings for fatty, sugary foods rich in carbohydrates. The trick is to convince the mind that this simply isn’t necessary.

With the right help and support, you can successfully achieve great weight-loss results whilst ensuring your general health and fitness is improved. Thus creating the correct balance of blood pressure, blood sugars and the right vitamins and minerals that your body needs to maintain the correct weight, for a new happier, healthier you!

Over the years we have worked with thousands of clients to effectively reduce their weight and the hand written letters of thanks in the book in our reception are a testament to the question “Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?” and the answer would have to be yes.

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