Hypnotherapy Diploma Offers a Wonderful New Career

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In a recent survey of former hypnotherapy students, we uncovered some interesting facts about the type of people that take up our hypnotherapy diploma training.

Our clinical hypnotherapy diploma courses are often taken up by people that are looking for a new direction in their lives. For example, people taking early retirement, redundancy or even just wanting to do something more rewarding with their lives.

We see many mature students, in fact probably 60% of our students are over 40. The hypnotherapy training, together with their life experiences, make them uniquely qualified to help others through the minefield that is life sometimes.

Our hypnotherapy diploma can be done quickly

Most people do not realise how quickly you can become qualified as a hypnotherapist. The basic hypnotherapy diploma consists of 20 days full-time training. Of course, this is just the beginning but it starts the hypnotherapist off on their new career. They would usually go on, over time, to train in many more specialist areas like anxiety, depression, paediatric hypnotherapy, high blood pressure, skin disorders, pain control and many more. These CPD courses can build on your hypnotherapy diploma.

The reason the hypnotherapy education can be so quick is that hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy. i.e. we do not replace doctors, we work alongside them and as such we do not have to have the medical knowledge. We leave the medical interventions to the medical professionals.

But what is needed is a good set of life skills, problem solving skills, the ability to adapt to new thought processes but most important of all a passion for helping others.

Most hypnotherapists don’t come in to the profession for the money.  However, it is a nice additional bonus that we actually get paid for helping. You know it’s true, it really does make you feel good when you help someone.

Practical hypnotherapy training

Many hypnotherapy courses focus on the academic side of the profession. In part this is because their lecturers do more lecturing than actually seeing clients/patients.

Our hypnotherapy course is very centred on the practical side of therapy and helping you through lots of practical work to prepare you as best we can for your new profession.

All our trainers are practising therapists with many years experience. They still enjoy therapy and that’s why they still see clients now. In fact, it is why during the course they will work with some clients in front of the class. This gives you first hand experience about what actually happens whilst working with real people who need help.

It really is a wonderful experience to see people transform their lives in front of your very eyes. The experience is something that you just can’t get from books or even from a lecturer telling you about it.  These live demonstrations with clients, and the techniques you learn, give you a deep understanding of the capabilities and the limitations of different approaches in a simple way.

So when you are practising you instantly know which approach to use in every situation, rather than being swamped by lots of techniques that you may be uncertain of how and when to apply.

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy is renowned for providing a high quality hypnotherapy diploma, which is practical, simple and very effective, enabling hundreds of our graduates to leave our Institute with an internationally recognised qualification and the skills to set up in practice immediately after the course and enjoy all the rewards of a new profession.

If you’re thinking of training to be a hypnotherapist, you must have a passion for the work. You need to want make people’s lives better. Then you will get a genuine sense of pleasure at the end of a working day for a job well done. Then becoming a qualified hypnotherapist could be the path for you.

We can help you navigate the myriad of courses, accreditations and professional associations to work out the right solution for you. To read more about our hypnotherapy training please go to our hypnotherapy diploma page.

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