How Anxiety is Generated, Maintained and Enhanced

Combat Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

“Combat anxiety with Hypnotherapy which is scientifically proven to help”

47Anxiety is something which is extremely common. Feelings of anxiety are much more than general day to day worries or nerves. Anxiousness causes problems in people’s lives, through work, socialising and difficulties in relationships. The difficulties cause further anxiety, and therefore it is important to break the cycle, and seek help to function well on a daily basis.

People who suffer from anxiety will often experience an array of emotions causing further problems. It only takes one small thing to go wrong and it can have a huge effect on that person for the rest of the day. This is obviously very distressing.

This snowball effect often causes irrational thinking. For example let’s say you are preparing for work and your car won’t start. Automatically your mind starts racing. This means you are going to be late for work, which means your boss is going to think you are irresponsible, which means you are unlikely to get the raise you require to buy your first home which means you are going to be stuck in an apartment forever and your whole financial life is ruined. In an instant your car not starting is equated to a destroyed life for anyone dealing with anxiety.

Anxiety Can Get Worse if Left Unchecked

Many people become afraid of things that they have a memory of associating with anxiety. And fear tends to lead to the avoidance of things which can generate havoc such as the example above. The anxiety can be so bad that a person may need to change their car as it is associated with generating anxiety. Phobias also tend to derive from a fear of something usually caused by anxiety.

Try Something New

If you think you or someone you know may be suffering from fear and anxiety, you may have tried different methods including counselling and anti-anxiety medications to make it go away but nothing has worked. You may have spent many hours reading self-help books with no luck.

Often traditional methods of medicine aren’t the best option to alleviate long term problems. However therapies such as hypnotherapy are a very good option for anxiety issues such as this. Unlike most talk therapies that of the conscious portion of your brain, the purpose of hypnotherapy is to relax the conscious level of the brain so that the subconscious portion is allowed to come to the forefront. The subconscious mind is the part of your brain that takes care of your automatic day-to-day business such as driving a car. It is a memory instilled so many times that conscious thought is no longer necessary for these types of tasks.

Hypnotherapists perform hypnosis in order to relax the conscious mind. When the subconscious is available to the hypnotherapist, he or she will work with you to re-educate your subconscious. For example, in the event you are afraid of spiders, a hypnotherapist can help you relate spiders to something positive which will help to overcome your fear. Over time, you will realise that you are capable of overcoming all of your anxieties or fears through hypnotherapy!

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