Hypnotherapy Diploma Offers a Wonderful New Career

In a recent survey of former hypnotherapy students, we uncovered some interesting facts about the type of people that take up our hypnotherapy diploma training. Our clinical hypnotherapy diploma courses are often taken up by people that are looking for a new direction in their lives. For example, people taking early retirement, redundancy or even …

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The Older The Better, A New Career

You most probably have heard all the old clichés about many a good tune played on an old fiddle and experience helps us not to repeat the mistakes of the past, you will be familiar with many more little maxims to help soften the rampant discrimination built into our culture against ‘getting old’.

Learn Hypnotherapy – The Inside Track.

When someone is thinking of training as a Hypnotherapist they are inundated with a myriad of courses, trainers and qualifications. Here I expose the key factors in any hypnotherapy-training course that you need to watch out for. Quite often these are not discovered until it is too late and the student has started the course.