What are the Signs Perimenopause Is Ending?

signs that the perimenopause is ending

In our reproductive years, our menstrual cycles work on the fluctuations of different hormones, such as FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), LH (luteinising hormone), oestrogen, and progesterone.  FSH and LH regulate the production of oestrogen during the cycle.  FSH turns on the follicles to produce oestrogen (follicles are fluid-filled sacs containing our ovaries). After achieving a specific …

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What is perimenopause?

What is perimenopause

What is perimenopause? After this time, the chances of a recurring menstrual cycle or period are almost impossible. “What is Perimenopause” is a common question asked by women who are experiencing these changes and are unsure of what’s happening to their bodies. Duration of perimenopause So, perimenopause is the phase before menopause, the day after …

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How to stop hot flushes without HRT?

stop hot flushes without HRT

Some common symptoms of hot flushes are the sudden sensation of warmth, a reddish appearance, fast heartbeat, sweating, chills after episodes of hot flushes, and anxiety. The frequency and duration of hot flushes vary from woman to woman, ranging from around 7 years to 10 years [1]. What happens when hot flushes appear During hot …

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HRT is not working – What now?

hrt is not working

Hot flushes are the most common symptom among women suffering from menopause. It is an uncomfortable feeling to have a sudden increase in temperature. Mainly, hormone replacement therapy is used to relieve hot flushes. But some women can not take hormone therapy due to its potential side effects on their bodies or sometimes if HRT …

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