Anxiety and depression affects nearly one in five UK adults

Nearly one fifth of UK adults experience anxiety or depression, according to the latest official figures from The Office for National Statistics. Office for National Statistics says highest rates of anxiety and depression occur in the 50-54 age groups and highest amongst women. At the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy we have specialists that work …

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Criticism can really effect our lives in so many ways

We often blame ourselves but are we really to blame? This sort of conditioning is generally way out of our control. As a child it can come from parents, bullies, teachers or even siblings. Worst of all, if it continues for a substantial period of time, we become used to it.

Jack Dee Wards off Depression with Hypnotherapy

In a recent interview with Bryony Gordon from The Telegraph, Jack Dee discusses how he uses hypnotherapy on a casual but regular basis to, as he puts it, “reset the brain”.

He says “I was on various anti-depressants, but not for long – I didn’t function very well on them. I felt sort of flattened out. Plus I found another way…” He trails off. And that was? “Hypnotherapy.”